Note: During the summer months, there will be no Wednesday Night Bible study and no Sunday Morning Equipping Class.

Welcome to Temple Hills Baptist Church Counseling and Care!

Temple Hills Baptist Church (THBC) Counseling and Care seeks to provide biblical counsel and care to individuals in times of need. Because we believe that God alone radically transforms hearts and changes lives, we at THBC Counseling and Care will devote our time to listening to struggles, exploring motivations of the soul, and drawing individuals' attention to how the gospel of Jesus Christ provides hope amid our discouragement and despair.

THBC Counseling and Care is a ministry of Temple Hills Baptist Church. We provide trained and experienced volunteer counselors whose aim is to walk with individuals through difficult seasons of life, providing them encouragement and guidance from a biblical perspective. THBC Counseling and Care does not provide licensed or therapeutic counseling.

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THBC Counseling and Care FAQs

Where Are You Located / Where Do We Park?

Temple Hills Baptist Church is located at 4821 St. Barnabas Rd, Temple Hills, MD 20748. We sit at the corner of St. Barnabas Rd and Deer Park Drive. The entrance to our parking lot is situated along Deer Park Drive.

How Much Does It Cost?

Because THBC Counseling and Care is a ministry of Temple Hills Baptist Church, we provide our counseling sessions for free.

When Can I Expect to Hear From You?

Once you have filled out our Counseling Request Form, we will contact you within the week.

What Should I Expect in the Counseling Session?

Our counselors will spend the first couple of meetings listening to you, seeking to understand the degree of pain and difficulty you're working through. We will identify particular issues that need to be addressed, and over time begin to provide you hope through the truths of God’s Word.

What Can Be Expected of Me (the Counselee) During the Counseling Experience?

We ask that you give the process time. Because of the seriousness and depth of the issues being addressed, we ask that you commit to several sessions. Often there will be homework assigned to the counselee. Our expectation is that you complete the homework each week, helping both you and the counselor move toward potential solutions.

What Types of Issues Does THBC Counseling and Care Encounter and Engage?

We encounter and engage all kinds of serious struggles. We intend to compassionately meet people where they are struggling, whether it be marriage, addiction, emotional struggles (e.g., depression, anger, anxiety), and other life issues such as divorce and grief.