For more than half a century, Temple Hills Baptist Church has served the Temple Hills community in Prince Georges County, Maryland. Founded in 1953 as a mission church of Fountain Memorial Baptist Church, it has sought to maintain a distinctly Christian witness in the midst of a rapidly changing and divergent culture.

The 21st century has brought a new set of challenges and opportunities for ministry. While history is important, our mission and vision are current. With the past as our prologue, we are committed to living and serving in the present while looking to the future...a future which will climax with the realization of God's eternal plan. Holding to the unchanging truth of God's Word, we seek to respond to His call of making and equipping disciples for Christ until He returns.

There is no "perfect" church, and Temple Hills Baptist is no exception. We are convinced, however, that the Lord has given us in these days an "open door for ministry"...beginning in our own community and extending to the remote regions of the earth.  We invite you to visit and join in on what God is doing in and through us, for the good of His people and the glory of His name!