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Spreading a passion for the glory of God


11:00 AM

5:00 PM (1st & 3rd Only)


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Temple Hills Baptist Church

4821 St. Barnabas Road

Temple Hills, MD 20748

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PGDavid Gough - Senior Pastor

David has served as Senior Pastor of Temple Hills Baptist Church since January 2007. He served as a college professor for more than 25 years, having earned degrees from Washington Bible College, Dallas Theological Seminary, and the University of Virginia. He has also served on church staffs and as an interim pastor with several local church congregations. God's glory and God's grace are the primary emphases of his ministry. He believes that his authority as a minister of the Gospel extends only as far as God's inerrant Word allows. His goal is to develop Christ-honoring and Bible-loving believers who recognize their role in carrying out the divine mandate to reach all nations for His eternal glory. A former high school and college baseball coach, he remains an avid sports fan and is active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In addition to sports, his hobbies include writing and reading, both of which he considers indispensible to ministry. David and his wife Terry have two children and four grandchildren. 


Omar Head ShotOmar Johnson - Lay Elder

Omar is a Temple Hills native, spending much of his life living in the Temple Hills area.  Raised in a home with a believing mother, Omar was exposed to the gospel at an early age, assented to it, and considered himself to be a Christian growing up.  However, in college and subsequent years, Omar's sinful nature manifested itself in his pursuit of a hedonistic lifestyle.  In 2009, in the midst of his rebellion, the Lord graciously began chipping away at Omar's hard heart and converted him through the reading and preaching of His word, and the witness of a cousin.  Omar joined Temple Hills Baptist Church in the late summer of 2009.  Since that time, he has grown and benefitted from the faithful exposition of God’s word, the sweet communion with the saints, and the many opportunities to serve.  Omar and his wife Stephanie have three children, Cameron, Leah, and Chloe.  


 CL HeadshotChris Lawrence - Lay Elder

Chris grew up "well-churched" and considered  himself a Christian, but later realized that he didn't know or love the Christ of Christianity.  His spirituality ended just as quickly as Sunday and didn't reappear again until that next culural experience of going to church.  In college, Chris pursued what made him happy -- girls and good grades.  Those things became his religion as they occupied all his thoughts, time and energy.  In God's providence, He used the witness of a Christian dormmate whose lifestyle served as a polar opposite to Chris' to convict him of his sinfulness and draw him to Christ. Through a classmate, Chris eventually found a sound bible teaching church.  It was there, through a Bible study in the book of Galatians that Chris was converted;  realizing that he had been living his life trying to achieve a works-based rightiousness, but that it was Christ's righteousness alone that covered the sins of  those who put their faith in Him. Chris and his wife Nicole live in Temple Hills, raising their two sons, John-Mark and Javin.

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